NXT/EV3 Brick Shield for Arduino

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Use the NXT/EV3 Brick Shield to connect up to two LEGO NXT motors and four LEGO NXT sensors to an Arduino.It is also compatible with Arduino Mega.

  • Supports up to two LEGO NXT motors, and reading their encoders
  • Supports up to four simultaneous LEGO NXT sensors
  • Supports LEGO NXT touch sensors on all four sensor ports
  • Supports LEGO NXT 2.0 color sensor on two ports
  • Supports LEGO NXT ultrasonic sensor on two ports
  • Uses NXT cables
  • Two TIP120 transistors help you switch larger loads
  • Tested compatible with Uno, but will work on many other Arduino compatibles

Brick Shield 101101046-1.jpg

Brick Shield 101101046-2.jpg

Brick Shield 101101046-3.jpg


How to buy

Here to buy NXT/EV3 Brick Shield for Arduino on store.