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Know your final output.

Again, apparent question right? Are you currently focusing on an print or animation task? High poly or poly that is low. What is the scale? Just how detail that is much required? These are the concerns to ask prior to starting building models. We hate seeing artist invest hours working backwards or redoing the job simply because they did not clearly determine the task or poor planning. Any downtime is compounded quickly - you won't get that back in a professional environment - time is of the essence - and when there are multiple artist's working on the project.

It probably is if it looks right.

This is actually the one that is important. It's a world that is visual there. These days folks are surrounded by screens, billboards, magazines, etc. We are literally bombarded by visual information for many waking hours for the time. Therefore we now have developed a very good artistic language. If something looks "right" they are going to accept it with a blink of a eye and won't even think twice. Nonetheless, if one thing has gone out of place or appears "funny" is clearly "wrong" - and everyone else will notice instantly. Create 3D models that look right - even in the event they've beenn't always perfect. As long that you couldn't figure out as it looks right - it will be accepted by the eye - and nobody will notice those little details. Never dwell in the details (see no. 1).
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You will need to possess four main traits if you want to have a career creating 3D models in the media arts field. These are patience since it does take time to construct the experience up you'll want to obtain a good task within the media industry. It might take your entire life to perfect the different actions in producing the models. A beginner doesn't begin during the exact same level as a expert designer. You also have to pay for attention that is close details, while the finished item has to look similar to the individual or thing you are attempting to portray. A good work ethic helps besides, because you want to make sure that your piece is complete as it takes time and effort to create a good 3D model. Finally, you shall need to be in a position to accept the criticism from others in your industry, as artists are harsh in their critique.

Not only is it essential you must obtain the necessary skills that you possess certain qualities, but also. Some of these are modeling so as you need to be able to get your 3D model to move frame by frame; texturing, where you will change the features of the mesh by painting and shading it; and rendering, which adds the lighting so that the special effects can be created to the model that you can create the mesh to base your model on; animation.