4-Digit 7-Segment Module

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Linker 4-digit 7-segment module uses a chipset of TM1637 to drive a 12-pin 4-digit command anode 7-segment LED. The MCU only needs two GPIO lines to control it.

LINKER 4D7S 1.jpg


Dimensions: 46.2×24.3×14.5mm

Net weight: 7g


Digital display dimension.jpg


Sample Code and Setup


We connect according to the following:

  • D2 of Arduino to CLK of Linker 4-digit 7-segment module
  • D3 of Arduino to DIO of Linker 4-digit 7-segment module
  • +3.3V of Arduino to VCC of Linker 4-digit 7-segment module
  • GND of Arduino to GND of Linker 4-digit 7-segment module


The source files for linker kit is hosted at [ https://github.com/linksprite/Linkerkit/tree/master/Linker_4D7SLED github[. Please download and put under the library path of Arduino IDE, and rename the directory name as DigitalTube as shown below:

DigitalTube 02.jpg

Launch the Arduino IDE and select the example code as below:

DigitalTube 03.jpg

The running effect is shown below:

DigitalTube 01.jpg