PcDuino Metal Lego Video Tank

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PcDuino tank.jpg

Parts List

Assembly Instruction

Assemble the frame

1. Take a piece of 9×18 Lego Holes Sheet and two side beams with 6 holes and put them together with the M4 bolts and nuts.

Assemble video tank1.jpg

2. Install two grooved beam with 10 holes.

Assemble video tank2.jpg

Assemble video tank3.jpg

Install battery pack

Install battery pack. There are two options here. One is to use the one below, and fix it on the sheet:

Assemble video tank4.jpg

The other option, actually, the recommended one is to use the rechargeable one: Battery Pack for Robot 4800mAH.

Install pcDuino and Motor Shield

1. Install four buts on the back of pcDuino2 using screws:

Assemble video tank5.jpg

2. Install Motor Shield on pcDuino2.

Assemble video tank6.jpg

3. Fix pcDuino2 on the the sheet:

Assemble video tank7.jpg

Assemble passive wheels

Assemble video tank8.jpg

The parts used are: 2 x Linker block shaft connectors, 1 x Motor fixture plate, 1 x Gear wheel with a diameter of 5.6cm, 1 x Shaft Collar, 1 x Passive Cross Shaft

Assemble video tank9.jpg

1. Connect the motor fixture plate to the shaft connector

Assemble video tank10.jpg

Assemble video tank11.jpg

2. Install on the passive cross shaft (Pay attention to the direction of the header of the bolt, it may obstruct the holes of the motor fixture plate)

Assemble video tank12.jpg

3. Install the wheel to the shaft connector, and then use shaft collar to fix on to the shaft

Assemble video tank13.jpg

Assemble driver wheels

Assemble video tank14.jpg

Install the wheels to the plateform

Assemble video tank15.jpg

Assemble video tank16.jpg

Install track

Connect 16 sections of tracks with the track connectors:

Assemble video tank17.jpg

Install the track on the wheels:

Assemble video tank18.jpg

Install camera

1. Install Linker Block 90 Degree Fixture With a Length of 3 Holes on the head of the platform

Assemble video tank19.jpg

Assemble video tank20.jpg

2. Install the USB camera

Assemble video tank21.jpg