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The Linker Tilt Module is the equivalent of a button, and is used as a digital input. Inside the tilt switch is a pair of balls that make contact with the pins when the case is upright. Tilt the case over and the balls don't touch, thus not making a connection. It is wired to the SIG line, NC is not used on this kit.

Tilt 118101004 first.jpg

Tilt 118101004 second.jpg

Tilt 118101004 third.jpg


Dimensions: 27.9×25.4×10.6mm

Net weight: 3.6g


Tilt dimension.jpg


Application Ideas

<syntaxhighlight lang="c">

int ledPin = 13; int switchPin = 7; int val = 0; void setup() {


} void loop() {

 val = digitalRead(switchPin);
 if (HIGH == val)  digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH);
 else  digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW);



Tilt link.jpg

How to buy

Here to buy Tilt Module on store