24GHz Milimeter Wave Radar Breakout Board for Multi Human Detection

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This is a K-band millimeter wave radar sensor system, which adopts FMCW modulation mode with high complexity. It can detect up 3 persons' location and speed within 5 meters.

It can detect the range and speed of stationary human body and corresponding moving target, and has high ranging and velocity accuracy. The antenna with one transmitter and one receiver is adopted, and the radar transceiver link has high isolation; the RF MMIC and antenna are coplanar, which can reduce the RF link loss. Taylor algorithm is used to synthesize the antenna pattern with low sidelobe. The sidelobe suppression ratio is better than - 15dB, which makes it not easy to be interfered by ground moving targets, and can improve the detection performance of radar.

Radar works by sending a beam of electromagnetic radiation waves from the transmitter (TX Antenna) and receiving them through the receiver (RX Antenna) and measuring amplitude and position of an object’s movement. After analysis by a special algorithm, the human body's breathing, movement, number of people, distance, direction, and other information can be obtained.





● Detection of the human body's breathing, movement, number of people, distance, direction, etc.. It can detect multiple people at the same time

● Compact size for easy deployment

● 24GHz transceiver IC for high-precision measurements of movement and speed

● TTL UART Interface

● Low power consumption for prolonged usage

● Maintains operation through harsh environments (temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, etc)

● Low power output (no excessive radiation) and therefore no harm to the human body

● Operating Temp. : -40℃~+85℃

● SIZE: 44x49.8 Unit: mm Plate thickness: 1.6 mm


● Building and smart home (IoT)(TV, projection, speakers,air conditioning, lighting etc.)

● Hotel and Guest House Management

● Management of office personnel

● Intrusion Detection Systems

● Automatic door, elevator

● Smart street lights, etc.

Product Identification




(3)(4) PartNo: 17

Shape and Dimensions

SIZE: 44x49.8 Unit: mm Plate thickness: 1.6 mm


Block Diagram:


Electrical Characteristics










Environmental Characteristics

(1)Storage Condition: The temperature should be within 0 ~ 30℃ and humidity should be less than 60% RH. The product should be used within 1 year from the time of delivery.

(2)Operating Temperature Range Operating temperature range : -40℃ to +85℃.


Radar multitarget serial communication protocol v1.4

Installation package