Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino3

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This is a acrylic clear enclosure for your pcDuino3. The Arduino shield can still be installed on the pcDuino3 when the enclosure is installed.

Acylic Pcduino3 case.jpg Acrylic Pcduino3 case2.jpg


If your pcDuino V3 is Android system, please only fix 3 copper pillars on pcDuino V3. You can see the details in Usage.


Below is installation instructions.

PcDuino3 acrylic1.jpg

Step 1

Tear off the wrapping paper.

PcDuino3 acrylic2.jpg

PcDuino3 acrylic3.jpg

Step 2

Fix the copper pillars and caps on pcDuino3

PcDuino3 acrylic4.jpg

PcDuino3 acrylic6.jpg

PcDuino3 acrylic7.jpg

Step 3

Fix the bottom plate with screws.

PcDuino3 acrylic8.jpg

PcDuino3 acrylic9.jpg

Step 4

Fix the top plate with screws.

PcDuino3 acrylic8.jpg

PcDuino3 acrylic10.jpg

PcDuino3 acrylic11.jpg