IO Shield Kit for Scratch for Arduino

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Product Description

This scratch IO shield kit is designed by

The simple board is easy to solder and is then ready to use in an infinite number of projects. It contains some analog sensors onboard: light sensor, temperature sensor an angle sensor (potentiometer); some digital sensors: two push buttons. Also included, as digital output, a bi-color LED and analog power driver base on NPN transistor.

There is a full range of connectors where you can plug your own sensors and actuators. This tool it is perfect for programing students, and Robotic workshops. It has been designed by teachers of the Robotics lab of Colegio San Gredos in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain. It has been developed under the OpenHardware spirit, and it is given to the community to enjoy and to be improved. This scratch_io hardware runs linked to a Scratch modification made by S4A group from citilab (free downloadable). The standard Scratch version from MIT does not support it (soon, we expect it will be supported).

Let´s teach young people how to discover hardware and robotics in a friendly manner, let’s teach them how to build a better future.

Parts List

The following are included: 1. PCB

2. Components:

100nF C

10uF 5vol CAPAPOL

D1 DOUBLE_LED Led bicolor

K1 conector PCB con tornillo 3vias

K2 conector PCB con tornillo 3vias

P1 Tira pines simple 2,54mm (50pines)

Q1 BC547

R1 5k 1/4w

R2 5k 1/4w

R3 5k 1/4w

R4 220ohm 1/4w

R5 1K 1/4w


SW1 SW_PUSH_SMALL. Pulsador para PCB

SW2 SW_PUSH_SMALL. Pulsador para PCB


U1 Lm35

Jumper 2,54… (4 units)

Linker LED module

RC continuous servo

Detailed guide can be found at

How to buy

Here to buy IO Shield Kit for Scratch for Arduino on store