LinkSprite Black Enclosure for pcDuino

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The LinkSprite black enclosure is a more powerful box for your pcDuino.

It can be adapted for couple of Arduino shields at the same time. The enclosure can use with the extension side plate to make more internal space for the additional Arduino shields. Great use for your pcDuino and project!

Black enclosure for pcduino.jpg


  • Made of ABS plastic (good thermostability, high intensity)
  • Enclosure is easy to machine, drill, cut and shape to what you need
  • Brass, screws inserts (can be used and reused for many times)
  • Fits pcDuinoV1
  • Couple of boards can be adapted at the same time
  • Products of high precision, the appearance of fine, exquisite craft.



Pcduinocase dimen.jpg

Assembly Steps

Assembly Steps for pcDuino

  • Step 1 Mount the four seperate gasket on the socket in order to twist the screws easily.

PcduinoV1 case 1.jpg

  • Step 2 Install pcDuino with two precut end pieces.

PcduinoV1 case 2.jpg

  • Step 3 Fasten pcDuino on the bottom with screws.

PcduinoV1 case 3.jpg

  • Step 4 Cover and insert the screws.

PcduinoV1 case 4.jpg