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Spectrum SM5100B GSM/GPRS module: a miniature, single-side board, quad-band GSM 850/EGSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 module, ready for integration in various kinds of Fix wireless phones and other wireless devices.

This documents show it's so easy to use this GPRS DTU.LinkSprite GPRS DTU



USA providers are all on 850/1900Mhz and pratically all the rest of the world uses 900/1800Mhz.

LinkSprite GPRS modem supports both original AT command and DTU mode.

In DTU mode, it has the following feature:

  • 1. Integrated TCP/IP Stack

LinkSprite GPRS-DTU has integrated TCP/IP Stack. Users can treat the LinkSprite GPRS-DTU as a transparent serial port without the knowledge of TCP/IP stack.

  • 2. Bi-directional Serial port to TCP/IP transparent data communication

LinkSprite GPRS-DTU can do transparent bi-directional serial port data to TCP/IP packet bridging. In another words, LinkSprite GPRS-DTU will pack the raw data from serial port to TCP/IP packets without the need to change the original data, and the receiving host side software can restore the TCP/IP packets to the raw serial port data. So LinkSprite GPRS-DTU can be used with the devices that using serial port with any modification to the devices.

  • 3. Support heart beat to keep always online

The mobile network will disconnect GPRS-DTU from the host when there extended time of quiet. Heart beat mode is to keep GPRS-DTU always connected to host by periodically sending small packets.

  • 4. Support configurations of parameters and saved to flash

LinkSprite provides a GUI utility to configure the parameters such as IP, port of host, baud rate of serial port, etc. User can also opt to use the configuration protocol to send commands to GPRS-DTU to configure the GPRS-DTU. Once configured, the parameters are saved to flash, and no need for further configuration when power cycled.


Temperature Range Normal range: -10°C to +55°C (full compliant)

Storage: -40°C to +85°C

Weight <9g
Physical dimensions 35.0X39.0X2.9 mm (typical)
Connection 60pins
Power Supply VBAT: 3.3V to 4.2V range, 3.6V typical
Power consumption Off mode: <100uA

Sleep mode: <2.0mA

Idle mode: <7.0mA (average)

Communication mode: 350 mA (average,GSM)

Communication mode: 2000mA (Typical peak during TX slot,GSM)

Li-ion Battery charging management and interface (OPTION) Li-ion Battery charging management is included. The charger interface is provided on 60-pin connector. (only for 3.7V Li-ion Battery)
Frequency bands EGSM900 +GSM850+ DCS1800+PCS1900
Transmit power Class 4 (2W) for EGSM900/GSM850

Class 1 (1W) for DCS1800/PCS1900

Supported SIM card 3V/1.8V SIM card. (auto recognise)
Keyboard interface 4x6 keyboard interface is provided
UART0 interface with flow control Up to 460 kbps

Full hardware flow control signals (+3.0V) are provided on 60 pins.

UART1 interface without flow control 2-Wire UART interface

Up to 460 kbps

LCD interface Support standard SPI interface


Reference Schematics