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*[[Hall Sensor]]    [LINKER_HALL][118101012]
*[[Hall Sensor]]    [LINKER_HALL][118101012]
*[[Magnetic Switch]]  [LINKER_MAGSW][118101018]
*[[Magnetic Switch]]  [LINKER_MAGSW][118101018]
*[[oxygen Sensor]] [LINKER_O2]
*[[Oxygen Sensor]] [LINKER_O2]

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ArduBlock for Linker Kit


ArduBlock is a tile-based visual programming environment, which is designed to make it easy to get start with programming Arduino. We believe that Linker kit is more suitable for starter than breadboard or protoboard approach. We have been working on adding Linkerkit into ArduoBlock.


Installation Guide

  • Find the preference path:

Ardublock 1.jpg

Arduoblock 2.JPG

  • Copy ardublock-all.jar to \arduino-1.0.1\tools\ArduBlockTool\tool\ardublock-all.jar
  • ardublock-all.jar can be downloaded from the link below.
  • Launch ardublock by:

Arduoblock 3.jpg

Arduoblock 4.jpg

  • Run ArduBlock on pcDuino
Install ArduBlock on pcDuino following the steps above.
Launch ArduBlock on pcDuino

Arduoblock 5.jpg

Arduoblock 7.jpg

We can create a program by picking the elements in the left column to the work space in right column:

Arduoblock 8.jpg


Linker Kit

Component List

Shields/Interface Boards



Buttons and Joystick