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[[Image:Pet Feeder-05.JPG|500px]]
[[Image:Pet Feeder-05.JPG|500px]]
[[Image:Pet Feeder-06.PNG|500px]]
[[Image:Pet Feeder-09.jpg|500px]]
[[Image:Pet Feeder-07.JPG|500px]]
[[Image:Pet Feeder-07.jpg|500px]]
== Functional Features ==
== Functional Features ==

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Pet Feeder-01.jpg

Pet Feeder-02.jpg

Pet Feeder-03.jpg

Pet Feeder-04.jpg

Pet Feeder-05.JPG

Pet Feeder-09.jpg

Pet Feeder-07.jpg

Functional Features

  • Timing Feeding
  • Remote Feeding
  • Recording Settings
  • Data Statistics
  • Live video
  • Voice Interaction
  • Event Records
  • Push Message
  • Multiplayer
  • Language Adaptation


Pet Feeder-08.png